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OutWorks was established in 2011 by a talented group of professionals to meet the goal of providing a broad range of services specific to the transactional Billing service industry.  Chief among these services are: cutting edge billing systems and components; billing outsourcing, billing consultancy and integration of billing services with other applications.


As the National Broadband Network rolls out in Australia, more businesses will benefit from a billing system that can keep pace in terms of flexibility, efficiency and competitive advantage.  OutWorks flagship product – BillOut – is the constantly evolving billing system that will give its adopters their leading edge.


Maintaining an up-to-date billing system and a skilled up billing team in-house comes at high cost and high risk.  Billing your customers for products and services may not be your core business.  OutWorks provides outsourcing for all billing process components or for the entire end-to-end cycle, allowing billing to run seamlessly as a background function and your business to focus on opportunities for growth.


Key personnel in Outworks have more than 20 years continuous experience – primarily in the Telco sector – and in-depth experience in Information Technology over an even longer period. Members of the team have been involved in the creation, operation and continual development of the billing system for a major Australian telecommunications company. The diversity of the team’s skillsets means OutWorks has all aspects of billing service provision covered.

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OutWorks Overview

Billing Services



of Billing Systems

  • At client's location
  • Hosted with us
  • Exposed Web Services
  • Collection Systems
Collection Portals
  • Customised collection portals
Reporting and optimisation for all your operational requirements in regards to billing processes and systems.
QA recommendations for every step of the billing lifecycle
Complete analysis and
overview of billing functions with recommendations
Business Focused:
  • Complete end to end solutions outsourced
Billing Focused:
  • Finance Support
  • IT Application Support
  • Call Centre/s
Customised Billing Solution
  • Using the BillOut system under your name to customise invoices and generate invoices.
Shared Environment (Cloud)
  • Using the BillOut system to generate invoices that are of a standard format etc. Out the box solution with existing invoice templates.