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Billing Consultancy

Because the OutWorks team have been developing and operating billing systems for over 20 years (primarily in the Telco industry), our consulting in all aspects of billing systems and processes will be invaluable to your business.  Allow us to advise on implementation of a billing system that is right for your business now and is scalable for future growth.  We can analyse your current billing processes end-to-end and add value through efficiency, cost and quality improvements.  And we can focus on particular problem areas in your system and processes and find solutions to remove the headaches.

Revenue Leakage

  • Are you missing out on income through an inefficient or inflexible billing system?
  • Are you confident your system is rating and billing all the products and services it should?
  • And at the right rates for each customer?
  • Does your billing system assist you to rigorously follow up on payment collection?

Cost Assurance

  •  Are your billing processes as efficient as they could be?
  •  Is invoice production fully automatic and completed early in the billing cycle, giving the greatest  potential for prompt payment?
  •  Are your billing production costs known and predictable?
  •  Are there any savings to be made?
  •  Are exceptions in the billing process handled with as little costly manual intervention as possible?
  •  Is your wholesaler charging you correctly?

Quality Assurance

  • Are your customers satisfied with the accuracy, quality and timeliness of the billing information in their current invoice – and in the invoice history they have available?
  • Do they feel they have the appropriate degree of control over their information and how invoices are presented to them?
  • Does your billing process include established Quality Assurance checks and balances?
  • Do your customers trust your invoices enough to pay on receipt?
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