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We develop your billing system to your exact requirements - either for you to host at your facility or to be hosted by us.

Our 20 years of experience with Telco billing services allows us to swiftly develop a robust Billing System to your exact requirements.   We understand billing services, invoicing and statement generation and management.  We listen to and analyse your requirements, then develop a system that is entirely customised to your business.  Our development process is professionally managed so your Billing solution is delivered as specified and on time.  Once in use, we’re there to fully support your Billing system into the future.


You have the option to host your Billing solution yourself, or allow us to host it for you.  There are significant benefits to outsourcing hosting – there are no infrastructure or upgrade costs, and no worries about business continuity or disaster recovery.  For a known fee your system is hosted and backed up in our secure facility.  Hardware and software upgrades are done for you and your system is maintained and future proofed.

We integrate your Billing System with systems that supply billing input, customer payment details, or output to your internal financial systems

Whether you’re using BillOut, a Billing system we’ve developed to your specification or an existing in-house billing system, we integrate any incoming billable data feeds for you, cutting out time and effort to transform and load data yourself.  We do this by developing and exposing custom Web Services allowing data in disparate systems to be handled in a controlled yet flexible way.   Similarly we integrate output from your Billing system with internal systems such as Financial, Business Intelligence or Customer Relations Management.    


We create custom Web Services that link your Billing system directly to existing websites used for collection of customer invoice payments, or to third party companies such as banks.

We develop self-service portals where your customers can maintain their details, view and analyse their billing service information – and, most importantly, pay their invoices

We develop a customer portal to your specification where your billing customers can serve themselves, allowing you to reduce resources you currently dedicate to customer service and accounts receivable.  Many customer services can be made securely available via a portal: viewing billing details and payment statements; analysing and reporting on billing information; changing customer details or invoicing structure; finding answers to frequently asked questions.  Your customers will feel they have more control by self-managing aspects of their billing.  Probably most useful to you is a simple, secure way for your customers to see their invoice status, drill down into the detail if necessary, then confidently proceed to pay their invoice in a single online session. 

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