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Finance Support

OutWorks is ideally placed to provide outsourced Financial and Accounting support for your business. Our personnel have up to date account keeping, analysis and reporting skills in a wide range of Finance applications. Outsource routine and periodic finance functions to OutWorks or have OutWorks provide supplementary resourcing for peaks such as End of Month, Quarter or Year reporting.

IT Application Support

Collectively OutWorks personnel maintain a broad, in-depth range of IT application experience your business can confidently call upon. OutWorks provides dependable outsourced support for your in-house applications, coming up to speed quickly and from then on meeting the Service Levels mutually agreed upon. Outsourcing engagements can be short term or ongoing.

Call Centre

Allow OutWorks to provide specialised Call Centre functions for your business. Our established Call Centre and its stable pool of trained personnel provide a seamless portal between you and your customers. Scripts, functions and data flows are set up to your exact requirements, Service Levels are agreed upon and maintained, and the outsourcing arrangement is professionally managed.

Billing Focussed - Outsource Billing Systems Made Easy

Outsource your product and service billing to OutWorks – in its entirety or in part.  Our continuous exposure to innumerable billing cycles over several years, keeping parity with the growing complexity in call data loading and rating, production of invoices and collection of payments, and in leading innovation, means you can rely on OutWorks for outsourcing your billing services.  You can entrust us with your end-to-end billing or with any combination of these components:

Rating, tariffing and discounting functions

Specify how you want these functions to work with whatever customer tiers or configurations you may have and we will apply them accurately

Distribution of Invoices

Generate and print your invoices and let us handle their distribution to your customers

Invoice generation

You supply us with billing data and we produce accurate customer-ready invoices with associated summary and detail reporting

Payment collection

We make payment easy for your customers via our payment portals that give them all the options, information and history they require

Invoice printing

We print out generated invoices to a high standard and in a short turnaround time

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