5 Smart Ways to Design Invoices

//5 Smart Ways to Design Invoices

Revenue and profit are the lifeblood of your business. How well your billing system supports future growth and empowers your customers to understand usage and rates is critical to your success.

Your customers need to be satisfied with the accuracy, quality and timeliness of the billing information – both in their current invoice and in any invoice history you provide. They may also want to have a degree of control over their information and how invoices are presented to them.

1. Consolidate Usage Information and Rates

Sending multiple single-service invoices to your customer only increases internal costs, confusion and payment delays. Consumer-savvy customers now opt for bundled services and want to see what they’re paying for consolidated on the one invoice.

Review both internal and external data feeds and look at ways to efficiently capture and calculate all services accurately on the one invoice. This may include automatic retrieval of Carrier Data Records (CDRs) via third party software integration and integration with your Customer Relationship Management systems and Financial Systems.

2. Customise Your Invoice Layout

Make sure your invoice is easy to read and clearly reflects your brand image with the right colours, graphics and product messaging. Engage your customers by incorporating advertising segments and special offers to drive uptake.

3. Include As Much Reporting Information As Possible

In organisations with multiple locations, the quantity of invoices to manage can easily add up into the hundreds or thousands across different services. Auditing these invoices is often extremely time-consuming and a significant drain on resources.

Include as much detailed consumption information as possible with service level groupings per site, office, cost centre and service type.

4. Incorporate Flexibility Into Your Design

An invoice design that can adapt and scale over time is essential to long-term financial growth. Incorporating flexibility into information capture and layout will help you to get new products to market faster (such as single, recurring or consumption-based products) so you can accelerate revenue growth on the fly.

5. Offer Online Customer Portals for Easy Viewing and Payment

Improve the customer experience with branded customer facing portals offering flexible payment options and easy drill down views so your customers quickly analyse bill information and pay online, on time.

How can Outworks help you?

At Outworks, we’ll work with you to design a consolidated, customised invoice with detailed consumption breakdowns and flexible advertising segments to promote new offers, as well as service level groupings per site, office, cost centre and even service type.

Contact Outworks today to discover how we can help you consolidate and customize invoicing efficiently.

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